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She Fell In Love With A Drummer... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Thursday, August 13]
Life-It's pretty chaotic right now. The only constance that arises is change. I'm always changing direction. Happy sad mad glad. I'm just trying to live. Though im trying to live more positively.


The things that make me happy:

Free coffee at starbucks from the really cute girl behind the counter.
My roommate and her dog. Too cute.
Hummus. But that has always made me happy.
David Sedaris. Why is he so funny?
having a sexy girl mullet.
The control i seem to have on my emotions.
Seeing tracy chapman with my best friend ever/soul mate-gwen.

The things that make me sad:
the world of warcraft advertisment on the side of my LJ.
It ruins lives.
3 beautiful and stoned ... I've missed the innocence I've known

Large men love hallmark [Saturday, June 30]
so today started off an ordinary nine to five type of day until about 8:45 pm.

A man that was about eight feet tall walked in to hallmark and made his way through the vera bradely section. I just couldnt stop looking at him, i was like holy shit this guy is fucking huge. my co-worker looked at him with astonishment. all she could say was holy shit, holy shit. and i was like...yeah hes big but there is no reason to get all excited. Then this man comes up to me and says, " Do you have any highlighters?" and i isay NO but we have sharpies...in my annoyed-over-worked-under-payed tone of voice and he just looks at me and chuckles a bit. Then he makes a really lame joke as his cell phone goes off and says "Oh boy i thought i heard music" and i was just like yeah...yeah.. (in my head) and my co-worker laughs hysterically...and im just thinking what the hell is her problem why is she acting so wierd....and then he says good bye and leaves.

She turns over to me and says, "that was shaquiel o'neil and you just blew him off"

Damn...i wish i would have had known earlier....so i could have said something along the lines of "YOU WERE GREAT IN KAZAM." and mocked him a bit but no i had no clue who he was.
10 beautiful and stoned ... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Wednesday, March 14]
I am in such a mood.

All i have been doing this spring break is listening to regina spektor, eating pretzels, and sleeping in until 2.

I guess that is okay.

I'm really indifferent about my life right now.

I can't say it is completely horrific but i cant say i enjoy it.

I guess that is better than being sad.

The only thing that really made me happy this spring break was seeing sean and gwen.

And now i have to see kim!
7 beautiful and stoned ... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Thursday, November 23]
Eeeks i saw someone in mexico getting lip injections from a shady ass nail place.
2 beautiful and stoned ... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Saturday, November 18]
So im home in vienna and i get really excited because im going to eat a bagel.
I go up to my cousin peter and go, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM finally i get to eat real food." But this is already after i had finished my bagel up. And then peter goes...

Yeah we've had those bagels for three months and they have mold on them.

Just to shatter my dreams.

ANd now i cant stop sneezing.
5 beautiful and stoned ... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Thursday, November 9]
Apparently i can't spell, but that's what word is for.
... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Wednesday, November 8]
heres a real entery without butts or buttholes. I just couldnt get my lj-cut to work and got really frustrated.

So, radford isn't going to awful anymore, but..it definetly could be better.
The reason i'm kinda at ease now is that i have someone to talk to..that dosent feel forced. He talks to me about super heros, smelly feet, and religon. we talk for hours about everything and just laugh about nothing. I've only hung out with him once. But its just nice to know that there is someone out there. he's really chill and awesome. Unlike most of the people i have met. 

Radford isnt so baadford. but it could be better. That's why i have to get awesomeorific grades and transfer! thats the awnser.
4 beautiful and stoned ... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Wednesday, November 8]
butt hollllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Wednesday, November 8]


... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Tuesday, October 31]
happy halloween my babies.
4 beautiful and stoned ... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Thursday, October 26]


it is exactly what i had expected it to be. A school full of sorority/fraternity boys and girls. And they do exactly what i expected them to do. Party all of the time. Not that i dont like the occasional go out and party, but this is what their lives revolve around. I cannot go into a class without at least 5 people talking about how incredibly wasted they got on a tuesday night. I just cannot deal with it.  I feel so bad, because i've pretty much have been in hiding while being here. I just don't want to talk to anyone anymore. My first attempts were in the beggining of being here...and they failed, because all of the girls just talked shit about everything and everyone. It was as if they couldnt relax and just chill the fuck out. And every guy that i've talked to...since i figured maybe it was just a girl thing...has stopped talking to me when they found out i had a boyfriend. So i guess that doesn't work either. Whatever. I'm just anxious to get out. And this is the first time i've talked about this, because im supposed to be pretending that i'm really happy and stoked to be here. 
I feel like i did in eigth grade. Antisocial, lonely and frustrated.

I knew i wasn't supposed to be in the south.

Not that im saying bad things about southerners...it's just not for me.

5 beautiful and stoned ... I've missed the innocence I've known

It's because [Wednesday, October 11]
I'm just a teenage dirt bag baby.
... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Wednesday, September 27]
Im bored.

So i say, you should leave me an annonymus comment about one or more of these things.

What you really think of me.
A crazy dream that you had.
Something that really bothers you.
A secret that no one knows
Or something that makes you really happy.

Go on..you know you want to do it.
9 beautiful and stoned ... I've missed the innocence I've known

[Monday, August 7]
I'm really fucking tired of all of this. I just dont want any friends anymore. I pretty much am distraught with everyone right now. This is probably a really bad thing to say. I just cant  handle anyone anymore. I just feel so warn.

I know that even though the summer is closer to ending and i am going to go to college, but i know i'll be able to find all of this stupid drama there too. I just dont have enough time. I mean i try to hang out with everyone and i please no one. I dont know what to do anymore and i get closer and closer to stop trying everyday. I am just that run down.
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[Saturday, August 5]
Yesterday was perfect.
... I've missed the innocence I've known

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